Nonfiction printed resources

Why use it?

Non-fiction resources such as books are useful when researching as the information is check before it is published. This means the information is reliable. You will be able to find specific information about a topic if you find the right resource.

How to use it?

Books about the topic: Ancient Greece- people, place and government are found in the non-fiction section 938 of our library.
Most non-fiction books contain the following pages to help you find what you are looking for without reading irrelevant information:
  • Contents page/s: found in the first few pages. It lists the main topics and what page to find them.
  • Index page/s:found in the last few pages. It lists specific topic or keywords that can be found in the book and what page to find them.
Some books will also include a glossary of keywords. You can use these words to help in you to research.

Below is a list of non-fiction books you can find in the library for the topic: Ancient Greece- people, place and government. Find each book by using the location and call number and use the contents page, index page and glossary (if it has one) in each book to help find what you need.
Call no.
Living History- what life was like in ancient times
Dr. John Haywood
Non-fiction section
930 LIV
Ancient Greece revealed
Peter Chrisp
Non-fiction section
938 CHR
Ancient Greece
Peter Connolly
Non-fiction section
938 CON
Ancient Greece
Don Nardo
Non-fiction section
938 NAR
Note: Look for books with similar information in the same location.

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