Search engines

Google is one of the most popular search engines in use, however it isn't the only useful search engine. Below is a link to another search engine that you can try.

Sweet search logo
Sweet search logo

Why use it?
Sweet Search is a search engine for students which is different to other search engines such as Google as every web page is evaluated by a team of experts. This makes it easier for you to find reliable information.

How to use it?
Searching using the Sweet Search search engine is very similar to how you would search using Google. You will need to type a keyword/s into the search box and it will scan through multiple websites and bring up a result.

Try searching keywords found in the glossary and keywords that you have found while researching so far.

Remember! Some words have broad meaning so you may need to add multiple keywords into the search box to filter your results i.e. instead of searching the term 'citizen' you might try 'Ancient Greece citizen' for a more specific result.

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