What we are learning (Student learning outcomes)

Topic: Ancient Greece- people, place and government

Information and communication technology capability

Students develop ICT competence as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately when investigating, creating and communicating ideas and information at school, at home, at work and in their communities.

What does this mean?
As a student you will develop your ICT skills by learning to use different types of information technologies such as, searching online and communicating using different modes including wikis. ICT skills will be used when investigating information and when creating and expressing your ideas at school, home, work and the community. The historic skills that require you to find, understand and communicate historic information best show you are competent in ICT.


History is ideally suited to develop students' literacy skills, including the reading and comprehension of texts, the understanding and use of specific historical language, analysis and use of sources and historical texts, researching and communicating in oral, written and digital forms.

What does this mean?

History is perfect for developing your literacy skills. Literacy skills include reading and understanding pieces of text/information, being able to understand and use the terms that relate to history, studying in detail and using historical sources, and being able to research and communicate ideas by speaking, writing and through digital modes. Learning these skills will help you to communicate as an individual and in the wider community.

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